Welcome to NukkeIT!

NukkeIT (Newcastle University Kilojoule Kilometre Exchange using IT)
is a mobile friendly app used to track your steps around campus, and to look at food you have earned based on your tracked exercise. We encourage you to use this tool in conjuntion with Australia's Healthy Weight Week and their 10 week challenge.

If you’ve ever tried to get from Hunter to ICT in 10 minutes, then you’ll know that it feels like a workout sometimes. This is where NukkeIT comes in, so you can track the exercise that you already do.

So why not keep track of it? With NukkeIT you can:

  • Measure how many steps you take in a day
  • How many kilojoules or calories that you've burnt
  • Check what food you can have from the energy you've burnt
  • Keep a record of what you’re eating and drinking for you to review

Remember, you’ve got to burn it to earn it!

NukkeIT is a new app and may still have some bugs. Please click here to report any errors you find so we can fix them promptly.